Humble Beginnings of the Serendipity Outpost

The Serendipity Outpost is my brainchild. It will be the first art installation I’ve brought to the Playa. I’ve worked an past projects, most recently, Walkabout Woods in 2011 and Galaxy on a Stick in 2009. But this is the first time I’m spearheading a project. I hope to chronicle the progress on this blog.

The man burns in 94 days. So the Serendipity crew has a little over 2 months to pull this off. The process so far has been very serendipitous as it should be. The right people are joining the crew at the right time. Anything that appears to be a setback is actually a gift.

Pencil sketch of the Serendipity Outpost

Here is my original quick sketch of the Serendipity Outpost. I tried to capture some of the whimsy. You can also see how the names of the wheels were a bit more ostentatious.

Small Scall wooden model of the Serendipity Outpost

Van Granaroli made this small scale model that actually spins. He used large rubber bands and simple pullies made of wood.

Wooden model with some design concepts photoshopped over it

I spent some time in Photoshop working out a design concept overlay on the previous photo. Not a bad start!

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