Alicia St Rose

A permanent resident of a temporary place, Black Rock City, NV. Alicia loves making beautiful things in the tactile world, as well as the virtual one.

Jonathan Smith

Jon Smith allows the abbreviated form of his name to be used in English language teaching books around the world. He likes to get obsessed with art projects.

Van Granaroli

Van Granaroli is a one time burner who is still on fire after 6 years and a wood geek who loves to get involved in building crazy things.

Seth Nickinson

Seth found himself holding a magic ticket to Black Rock City and one tight mesh shirt just after moving to California. He has been back 4 times, along the way building his first major art piece, embodying his healer persona, embracing thumping bass, and falling in love.

Michael Magee

Evan Minogue

Gabe Moore

Meighann Athena Helene

Meighann Athena Helene is a visionary artists who spends her time as a fire performer, dancer, choreographer, makeup artist and costume consultant, model, painter, and builder of art installations. She also studies political philosophy full time and works for the nonprofit, A Year Without War.

Brieanna Bates

Ryan Reddick

A performance artist who likes to write cute little reggae songs and is obsessed with bluegrass music. Ryan enjoys the silence and finds himself drawing horses way too often.

Dee Wingo

Jon Heffner

Jon Heffner was born summer ’69 near Woodstock, east coast till ’94 and a westerner ever since. Environment, green building and sustainable/permaculture are my interest and viewpoints. I love to create! Surf, and burn!